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I have studied extensively on my own and with master artists in workshops. I enjoy experimenting with new materials and new techniques. The forgiving nature of most watermedia pigments and elements allows me to create artwork (which I sometimes enhance with collage elements) that I feel springs from my own creative inner spirit. I generally work on several paintings at one time, thereby allowing me to keep my creative energy going and to keep a fresh eye on the paintings as they approach the final brushstrokes.

I allow the wet pigments to develop on the paper before I analyze the pathway into which I am being led. Allowing the watermedia to work for me gives me freedom to express my innermost feelings in the finished artwork. I give myself permission to add to or subtract from any element in the work by experimentation.

I am primarily self-guided, allowing myself to follow my intuition. Painting spontaneously and intuitively leads me along exciting paths, often to a surprising completion. Painting in this manner has allowed my artistic journey to be one in which my enthusiasm for painting has evolved.